B4Knight Premium I know it sounds confusing. http://creavisiondigital.com/internet-connection/losing-connection-cable-modem.php Lower the fragmentation threshold from 2346 to 23065.

Obviously I've tried restarting everything and all that good stuff. By lower the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) from 1500 to 1492 or less (usually found on your router’s main/ basic setup page)2. If you scroll up to my reply to Bev, you will see a link to a "reset IE" article. (IE integrates with the OS (in your case, Win7).) Export your Favorites, But for some reason, my speed has decreased to 3kb/s.

My brother brought over his windows disk but there was not a place to check "repair" and we didn't want to reinstall, wiping out everything. I have to assume that you tried resetting IE as per the article? If not measured properly you can feed your cable modem to much power and lock it up! The only exception would be if your main BT socket is one of the two shown below as they do not require extra filters. Dodgy connections are sometimes caused by

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